ORILISSA is a pill that's clinically proven to relieve moderate to severe endometriosis pain

It's different—it's not a painkiller, injection, surgery, or birth control. And, it does not contain hormones.

ORILISSA was proven to reduce:

1 Painful periods: gynecologists call this dysmenorrhea (DIS-men-uh-REE-uh).

2 Pelvic pain in between periods: gynecologists call this non-menstrual pelvic pain.

3 Pain with sex*: gynecologists call this dyspareunia (DIS-puh-ROO-nee-uh).

*There are 2 different doses of ORILISSA: 150 mg (taken once a day) or 200 mg (taken twice a day). Only the 200 mg dose was proven to work for pain with sex.

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ORILISSA works differently than other endometriosis pain treatments

ORILISSA is a pill that dials down the amount of estrogen† in the body (estrogen fuels painful endometriosis lesions).

Less estrogen = less fuel for painful endometriosis lesions

ORILISSA is available in 2 doses. Each dose lowers estrogen by different amounts so you and your gynecologist can choose which dose is best for your individual needs.

Estrogen is a hormone that exists naturally in the body.

I heard about ORILISSA when it first came out. My gynecologist thought of me right away and asked me to come in to talk about it."

Meghan M.