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It's always good to have options to consider when it comes to managing your endometriosis pain.


ORILISSA is a pill that's clinically proven to relieve moderate to severe endometriosis pain

ORILISSA is different—it's not a painkiller, injection, surgery, or birth control. And, it does not contain hormones.

ORILISSA was proven to reduce the 3 most common types of endometriosis pain


Painful periods


Pelvic pain in between periods


Pain with sex

Only the 200 mg dose of ORILISSA was proven to work for pain with sex.

ORILISSA starts working quickly

ORILISSA starts working in the body to lower estrogen* within 24 hours. However, pain relief will take longer. In clinical studies, ORILISSA was proven to provide pain relief at 3 months.

Less estrogen = less fuel for painful endometriosis lesions

There are 2 different doses of ORILISSA: 150 mg (taken once a day) or 200 mg (taken twice a day). Each dose lowers estrogen by different amounts so you and your gynecologist can choose which dose is best for your individual needs.

*Estrogen is a hormone that exists naturally in the body.

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Kat decided to try ORILISSA after talking with her gynecologist about nonsurgical options for her endometriosis symptoms.

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No, ORILISSA is not a painkiller. Painkillers work by either blocking pain messages in the brain or by reducing inflammation (depending on the type of painkiller). ORILISSA was made for endometriosis pain. It works by dialing down estrogen (which is what fuels endometriosis pain).

Also, some painkillers are taken as needed, rather than every day. ORILISSA must be taken every day, even if you’re feeling better. It’s important to take ORILISSA exactly as your doctor prescribed.