Proven relief

across the 3 most common types of moderate to severe endometriosis pain1,2


 Non-menstrual Pelvic Pain


*Statistical significance for dyspareunia was not achieved with the 150 mg QD dose of ORILISSA.

The largest endometriosis clinical study program (N=1686) to date1,3

ORILISSA was rigorously studied in 2 clinical trials and 2 extension studies with strictly defined endpoints and clinically meaningful responses.1,3,4

Study design

Two robust similar multicenter, double-
blind, randomized, prospective,
placebo-controlled phase 3 trials
of 6-month treatment at 2 doses.1,3

Clinical results

Explore the response rates
and endometriosis pain score
results for 2 ORILISSA doses.1

ORILISSA safety and

Read about adverse
reactions and safety
profile for ORILISSA.

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